Jon Flynn's Knights of Sin

Fronted by upright bassman, here is Jon Flynn and His Knights of Sin.

It's three-piece party music. Roots rock, rockabilly, hillbilly jazz and blues... pace and beat... and it rocks!

The Knights of Sin are a combo of Australia's best known and in-demand rockabilly musicians. Jon Flynn (Deke Dickerson, Men Into Space), Coojee Timms (Mojo Webb Band) and Rupert Jenner (The Sugar Shakers). 

A night out with these cats and you'll hear a sweet mix of original and revived roots American music. There's solid rockabilly, right through to jazz hooks you'd think three hillbillies in clean clothes just couldn't make. Pass the jug!

If you like to party, If you like REAL roots music, then you'll love Jon Flynn's Knights of Sin.

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