Pinups on Parade

Pinups on Parade Finalists for 2017!

* Miss Adena Ruby

* Daarah Myers

* Miss Ginger Fox

* Miss Leigh Ding

* Miss Lou Divine

* Miss Mai-Ling

* Miss Natalie May

* Miss Renee Chrystelle

* Miss Siren DeVille

* Francie Flathead

* Luna Rayy

* Lipstick Bombshell

* Lou Lou Fontana

* Ruby Corvette

* Sarah Louise

* Sasha Sweettale

* Scarlett DiMucci

* Signora Saffioti

* Totara Whatmough

GreazeFest 2018 Pinup Invitations coming soon!

GreazeFest Pinups on Parade 2018
Saturday August 4 & Sunday August 5
Redland Showgrounds, Long & Smith Sts, Cleveland, Qld

FYI - The Pinups on Parade are not full-tilt competitions. There are no wardrobe categories, you choose what you want to wear. There are no sashes or tiaras awarded. There is no 'Miss' 'Mrs' or 'Mr' GreazeFest. This is not a time to judge, this is a time to strut your stuff on stage, and be part of a celebration of pinup fashion.

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