Darrel Higham (UK) & Scotty Baker (OZ) "A Tribute to Eddie Cochran"

Darrel Higham’s career in music commenced from a love of Eddie Cochran. Just as punk was attracting UK teenagers in 1970s, this British guitarist/singer was getting hep to Eddie Cochran and an old album that Higham found in his parents' collection.

Higham’s dedication to the original rocker was evidenced in his book publication “Don’t Forget Me – The Eddie Cochran Story” co-written with Julie Munday, and his two volume recordings “The Cochran Connection Volumes 1 & 2”, where he skillfully revived Eddie's original sound.

Darrel Higham will be joined onstage with Australia's own Scotty Baker, for their Tribute to Eddie Cochran, in an exclusive performance on Sunday August 5 at GreazeFest.  

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