Eddie Gazel

Eddie Gazel is the rockabilly dynamo from Paris who is a real live wire on stage.

Eddie Gazel is carrying the flame for the new generation of rockers, whose roots stem back to the early, exciting days of Tennessee rock'n'roll.

Inspired by his father, a true fan of the genre, this cool cat was raised on American music of the 1950s and soon took to the stage to share his passion for rockabilly. 

In his first group, The Ol' Bry, Eddie released two records and performed at the biggest festivals in France, as well as touring in Italy, Spain and Germany. Eddie Gazel’s new trio, Eddie and the Head-Starts, will be releasing their EP on Rhythm Bomb Records soon.

Following a power-packed performance at the Camperdown Cruise, Eddie Gazel is returning to Australia to make his debut at GreazeFest, so get ready to cut-a-rug.

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