Sharing a name with a hard liquor ain’t no coincidence. In fact, the band Doubleblack and the booze are probably equally as comfortable in, on or behind a bar. But with a name reflecting the fact that there were two members of guitarist/frontman Matt Black’s family in the band at the time, Doubleblack is no stranger to the stage, nor a blistering live show.

Australian music fans would know Black from The Fireballs and Fez Perez and drummer, Travis Demsey, from The Living End. If you want rock‘n’roll pedigree and proven musicianship, Doubleblack has it in spades.

Some years after mothballing the legendary Fez Perez, Matt Black (guitar, lead vocals) dusted off and fattened up the psychobilly sound he pioneered as one of the founding members of The Fireballs.

Coupled with an even fatter backbeat, thumping double bass and singing more than just backing vocals, Black took to song writing again with a vengeance and back to the stage with a newfound ferocity.

Thoroughly entertaining in the true sense of the word, Doubleblack always delivers a high intensity show, honed from years of touring in Australia and abroad and a genuine love and passion for playing with likeminded individuals.

It’s loud, hip shaking and holler inducing. But most importantly, it’s honest and a helluva lot of fun – tongue planted firmly in cheek where it belongs.

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