GreazeFest 2023 Post Event Report

Goodness Gracious What a Great GreazeFest!

As the echoes of our amazing kustom kulture journey last weekend continue to linger in the air, I wish to say thank you to everyone who took part in GreazeFest 2023.

This was our 23rd year of GreazeFest and let me tell you, it was something special! Was it the best one? Is there such a concept? It was simply a wonderful weekend with a fantastic vibe.

After two decades of GreazeFest-blue skies, this year we saw a gentle rain on the Sunday of the event, but it didn’t dampen our spirits or wash away any of the magic.

The weekend was chock-a-block of amazing bands and performances on stage from Friday night to Sunday arvo, and the bands elevated the good vibes to dizzying heights all weekend. Thank you to all our wonderful bands and DJs.

Sharing the star billing were the hundreds of awe-inspiring hot rods and classics gracing the outdoor grounds. Thank you to everyone who drove a display vehicle into GreazeFest, there were so many amazing cars. I'm sure you've seen many photos on socials and we will have photos to share in the coming weeks.

It was wonderful to see and reunite with people who have traveled from all parts of Australia and the world to be at GreazeFest.  

A huge thank you to our USA guests Deke Dickerson, Mitch Polzak, Von Hot Rod, Shannon Brooke and Katt Mercy who all flew down under to visit GreazeFest and help us celebrate. I’m sure you’d agree that our special guests have made many new friends and fans here.

The Hub Cap Art Show featured stunning creativity and inspiring designs, all with various incorporations of the hub cap. Thank you to all the artists who took part in the event and to everyone who purchased a hub cap. The People’s Choice Award went to Stephen Parker who painted a cat and kitten driving a souped-up hot rod on the cap, with a starburst of spark plugs around the cap. We have raised $1000 to send to the RSPCA!

The inaugural Pinup Party on Sunday was a hit, as pinups, supporters and photographers gathered under our huge market umbrellas while the misty rain hovered around us. A big thank you to Bettie Butcher for working her magic and demonstrating how much fun the pinup scene can be. We staged our first attempt at fitting the largest number of pinups in a photo, squeezing almost 40 people into the viewfinder!

Behind the scenes, our multiple event teams work tirelessly to ensure the good times roll and everything flows smoothly. Here's a big thank you to all our crews – logistics, installations, production, photography, catering, markets, art shows, car marshaling, cleaning, displays and security, for their energy and dedication.

Thank you to the Redland City Council and their events team for their ongoing support of the event and welcoming our GreazeFest community into the Redlands Coast.

We all know that kustom kulture is more than just a passion, this is our way of life, and GreazeFest is where we come together to celebrate. Your passion and support fuel the determination for me and my event team to continue creating this wonderful space where we can all get together. We call it GreazeFest.

Let's continue our annual kustom kulture gathering and celebration! Mark your calendars for next year!

See you there!

Lori Lee | Event Director | GreazeFest