Pinup Parades

Announcing the Pinup Parades for GreazeFest 2022!

“Wild West Sweethearts” – Saturday July 30

How the west was worn! The Wild West Sweethearts parade will feature pinups on parade in their finest western wear, with rhinestones and pearl-snaps, fringed shirts and dresses, silver buckles, boots and belts. This will be a stunning parade of pinups in both vintage and new western wear.

“The Hot Rod Belle” – Sunday July 31

The Hot Rod Belle Parade is a high-octane, hot-rod rockin’ pinup show for the wild at heart, this is where pinups will rock the hot rod and rockabilly lifestyle, from double-denim to King Cry Baby cool, this parade will be scorching hot and supercharged.

Finalists for 2022:

The Parades

“Wild Wild Sweethearts” – Saturday July 30 approx 1:30pm

“The Hot Rod Belle” – Sunday July 31 approx 1:00pm

Be sure to be front and centre when our entrants take to the stage on both Saturday and Sunday at GreazeFest (times above).

Robot Productions Pinup Parade Policy

This policy forms part of the Guidelines for entrants participating in Pinup Parades organised by Robot Productions. The purpose of this policy is to create a safe and respectful environment and event experience for pinup entrants and applicants.

Entry and Registration

  • All pinups will receive complimentary entry to the event on the corresponding day of their parade.
  • When at the event, please report to your hostess MC, the location will be provided to you prior to the parade day. If in doubt, please see event organisers backstage.
  • As part of our commitment to the ongoing safety and well-being of children at our events, the pinup parade entry age is restricted to over 18 years of age.

Covid-Safe Measures

  • Entrants are expected to follow Covid-Safe practices when attending the event. If you are unwell, please stay home and advise your parade MC. When you are at the event, please maintain a 1.5m distance from entrants. Please wash your hands regularly.
  • Finalist numbers have been reduced to allow for room on stage for distancing.


  • All entrants must allow each participant to feel safe and welcome prior to and at the event.
  • All entrants must respect each of the participants in the parade, as well as the judges, MC and event staff.
  • Backstage bullying or any anti-social behaviour will not be tolerated. Online bullying that is either obvious or hidden will not be tolerated.
  • Social media bullying, rumours, comments or actions that create intentional emotional, personal or reputational harm will not be tolerated.

Prior to Parade

  • All finalists must provide a pinup bio or personal description to the parade MC prior to the parade.
  • Outfits must be themed to the style of each parade and can be either vintage or reproduction. Please ask if you need any guidance.

On Stage

  • All outfits and on stage behaviour must be suitable for family groups and children.
  • No branding or sponsor messages are permitted whilst on stage, without prior approval from Robot Productions.
  • Small to medium size props are ok on stage, subject to pre-approval by the event organisers. Please make mention of this prior to the parade. If you have any queries, please ask.
  • In planning your on stage outfit please avoid clothing that may be disrespectful, exploitative, or that may be considered as cultural appropriation of a minority culture. Please ask if you need any guidance.

Media and Photography

  • The parades attract both recreational and professional photographers. Pinup entrants hereby grant their permission to have their photograph taken whilst on stage.
  • There may be openings for promotional activity leading up to the event. With your permission, finalists will be contacted for any opportunities to work with newspapers and the media prior to or at the festival.

© Robot Productions 2022

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