Pinup Pageants

GreazeFest Presents: Pinup Pageants 2019

Thank you to everyone who entered and participated in the Pinup Pageants at GreazeFest in 2019. The parades were stunning and a whole lotta fun!

“Miss Tiki Wahini” – Saturday August 3

2019 Winner - Rose D'Lux

2019 Runner Up - Miss Angela Misfit


  • Miss Cherry Red
  • Rachaelle La Belle
  • Miss Cherree Velvet
  • Miss Peta Elizabeth
  • Dolly Von Trash
  • Miss Angela Misfit
  • Miss Firebird
  • Miss Behave
  • Rose D'Luxe
  • Miss Tina Von Squeeze
  • Miss Scarlett Satine
  • Miss Suzy May
  • Miss Vena Cava

Pictured from left to right:
GreazeFest Director Lori Lee;
Pageant Hostess Bettie Butcher;
Miss Tiki Wahini Winner 2019 Rose D'Luxe;
Miss Tiki Wahini Winner 2018 Red Devotchkin;
Miss Tiki Wahini Runner Up 2019 Miss Angela Misfit.

“The Hot Rod Belle” – Sunday August 4

2019 Winner - Alana Wilkie

2019 Runner Up - Miss Peachy Patra


  • Miss Peggy Bright
  • Miss Amber Blossom
  • Rosie Luscious
  • Miss Juniper Peach
  • Roxy Romina
  • Miss Alice Divine
  • Tanya de Vere
  • Mya Dia Monte
  • Miss Polly Rockets
  • Alana Wilkie
  • Miss Pepper Minx
  • Miss Peachy Patra

Pictured from left to right:
The Hot Rod Belle Winner 2018 Eliza-May;
The Hot Rod Belle Winner 2019 Alana Wilkie;
The Hot Rod Belle Runner Up 2019 Miss Peachy Patra;
Pageant Hostess Bettie Butcher.

Hostess with The Mostess

The GreazeFest Pageants will be hosted by Bettie Butcher, a teacher, pageant producer and mentor to pinups across Australia. For the past nine years, BB has strutted the stage coordinating pageants and encouraging pinups to shine their brightest. 


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