31 December 2021

Hi everyone,
As we approach the end of 2021, I wish to send out a sincere message of thanks to all of our Robot Productions and GreazeFest communities, and to everyone who has been part of our events this year and / or reached out to me and my crew. I do appreciate everyone's messages of love and support. Thank you.
Since the GreazeFest lockdown in July, we have spent the past months working on the GreazeFest 2022 event, so we can gather together again to reunite and celebrate our cultures and hobbies.
I am pleased to advise the Redland City Council have confirmed their ongoing sponsorship for the GreazeFest in 2022, and we are looking forward to be working with their Community Events team again next year.
As you know, we launched the Triple Treat Market Day at Coorparoo Square in November, with the second event in December, and both events have been fun and well attended.
Being at the markets at my Lori Lee Vintage clothing stall has given me a chance to talk to many of you and chat about the events of the year, including the GreazeFest lockdown.
In our current world of social media and texting, it has been good to take the time to talk face-to-face with you and my heart is warmed from listening to your sincere messages of support.
Like many Australians, I am uncertain about how the Omicron variant will play out in 2022. No one really knows what will happen in the future, but we must continue to plan for future events and for better times.
It was encouraging to see our favourite event in Japan, the Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show be held successfully earlier this month, with the theme of "Hisashiburi: Long Time No See". Over 11,000 fans attended, and everyone worked with the masks, temperature checks and contact tracing covid rules.
Maybe that is the future for hot rod events downunder, no one can say for sure just yet. We know it will keep evolving and changing week by week.
I look forward to bringing you exciting events and gatherings in 2022, to keep us connected and to celebrate our wonderful community.
We have a spirit that is worth bottling.
Best wishes to you all,
Lori Lee @ GreazeFest