Album Cover Art Challenge 2017

Each year the GreazeFest sets an Art Challenge as a fund raiser for the RSPCA.

This year, 20 artists are invited to design and create their own record album cover.

The album covers will be on display at GreazeFest and people can vote for their favourite artwork by donating a coin into a corresponding money box.

The artwork with the highest value in coins is declared the winner!

The proceeds are donated to the RSPCA.

Some album covers will also be available to purchase, with funds going to the RSPCA.

Check it out when you are at GreazeFest and be sure to vote!

Artists taking part in the challenge:

  • Cathy Mejia, USA
  • Krazy Dotty, Japan
  • Von Hot Rod, USA
  • Damian Jackson
  • David Nutton
  • Drea Darling
  • Gypsy Spelling
  • Isobel von Finklestein
  • Kane Schulz
  • Krash
  • LB Guzzler
  • Luke Muller
  • Mimsy
  • Nikki Parker
  • Oggy's Airbrushing
  • Paul Hughes
  • Rob Walker
  • Vick Pattison
  • Wolfman Cam
  • Woz from Oz

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