2019 Archive: Pinup Pageant Finalists

GreazeFest Pinup Pageants 2019

 “Miss Tiki Wahini” – Saturday August 3

An exotic and colourful pinup contest where entrants can immerse themselves in the tropical world of Tiki, from Hawaiian dresses to vintage playsuits, floral sarongs, bamboo bangles and stunning hair accessories.

“The Hot Rod Belle” – Sunday August 4

A high-octane, hot-rod rockin’ pinup contest for the wild at heart, this is where you can show off the hot rod and rockabilly lifestyle, from double-denim to King Cry Baby cool, this parade will be scorching hot and supercharged.

Hostess with The Mostess

The GreazeFest Pageants will be hosted by Bettie Butcher, a teacher, pageant producer and mentor to pinups across Australia. For the past nine years, BB has strutted the stage coordinating pageants and encouraging pinups to shine their brightest. You can meet Bettie Butcher along with ray-gun artist and BB partner Rastra at their market stall at GreazeFest.


As well as the “Miss Tiki Wahini” and “The Hot Rod Belle” titles and sashes, the winners and runners up will receive exciting prize packs, which include a photoshoot with Mark Greenmantle Photography, gift vouchers from Razzama Dazzle, goodies from Lori Lee, and goodies from Pinups of Australia.

The Parades

15 finalists have been selected to take part in each parade!

“Miss Tiki Wahini” Pinup Contest - Saturday August 3 at 2:00pm

“The Hot Rod Belle” Pinup Contest - Sunday August 4 at 12:50pm

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