6 August 2021

Just like many of you, we were surprised when the Queensland Government declared a snap lockdown on Saturday, in an effort to stop the spread of the latest Covid outbreak.

Here is what you can do if you have a GreazeFest ticket that you didn't get to use due to the lockdown:

1. Donate your unused ticket If you have bought a 3-day pass and didn’t get to use the Sunday portion, or if you have a single Sunday ticket, you could consider letting it go to donate it to the recovery of the GreazeFest. Any amount is appreciated.

2. Rollover your unused ticket If you can’t donate your unused ticket, you could consider rolling it over to GreazeFest 2022. Rollovers are applicable for the Saturday night and / or Sunday elements of GreazeFest.

3. Request a Refund If you can’t donate or rollover your ticket, you can apply for a refund for the Saturday night and / or Sunday at GreazeFest.

Your request to rollover or refund your ticket has to be submitted to us by Friday August 20, 2021.

We will be closing off and finalising all ticketing activity for GreazeFest 2021 on this date.

Simply email events@robot.com.au to let us know what you want to do.