7 March 2020

Announcing BUILT FOR SPEED, the GreazeFest Art Show theme for 2021

BUILT FOR SPEED will showcase our love affair with fast machines, especially the classic and custom kind.

* Hot Rods * Classic Stock Cars * Muscle Cars * Salt Flat Racers * Drag Racers * Speedcars * Speedway Bikes * Race Cars * Sports Cars * Street Rods * Street Machines * Beaters that Burn Rubber

Artist Invitation:
- Artists are invited to take part in the BUILT FOR SPEED Art Show.
- Pieces can be in any medium such as paintings, illustrations, neons, ceramics, timber carvings, photography, sculpture and more.
- All participants will go in the running for the GreazeFest Artist Award, which will be presented on Sunday afternoon.
- For further information, please get in touch with Lori Lee @ GreazeFest at eevents@robot.com.au or download the info sheet below.

How to Enter:
- Please send us an email with brief details of the pieces you wish to display.
- Bring your creations to GreazeFest. Our team will display your artwork for you.
- Sell your artwork if you want to.
- Supervision will be maintained during the art show. All care but no responsibility is taken by show organisers.

Art Show Dates:

Saturday July 31 and Sunday August 1, 2021
Event: GreazeFest 2021
Venue: Redland Showgrounds, Cleveland, Qld, Australia