The Koffin Rockers

The Koffin Rockers embody their genre of music through a fusion of psychobilly, rock'n'roll, bold punk, catchy pop and a hint of country twang.
Michael Hegarty on guitars and vocals, Shaun Butcher on upright bass, and Dean Gilboy on drums are the laid-back larrikins who make up the Koffin Rockers. Their energetic and unfiltered stage performances are a treat for the senses, and we are thrilled to see their return to GreazeFest.

"These Guys" is the band's aptly named EP, which gave the lads a foot up amongst their peers, with the gritty little locally recorded five-track earning critical praise in DeadBeat mag as "a solid introduction to the band and captures their energy and enthusiasm." It also captured their quirky sense of humour, as seen in the clip for Cherry Bomb - a parody with a nod to the hillbilly side of life.

The Koffin Rockers are performing on Saturday afternoon (Aug 5) at GreazeFest

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