Lil' Mo (USA)

Lil' Mo Everett is an authentic vocalist and performer whose talents span a range of vintage musical styles.

Lil' Mo & The Dynaflos were formed in 2004 to preserve the American Doo-Wop sound of the West Coast. This eight-piece band has blown away the crowds at Viva Las Vegas on over ten occasions.

As well as leading The Dynalfos, Lil' Mo created a traditional rockabilly band, The Unholy 4 in 2007 to showcase Lil’ Mo’s flair for mid-century tunes.

In 2019, the quintet dubbed Lil' Mo & The Lonesome Crows was forged to perform traditional country swing music with a high and lonesome sound.

Lil’ Mo has recorded nine studio albums, with many released in Europe on Rhythm Bomb Records, plus a double album which was released exclusively in Japan. In addition, Mo has sold out shows from Tokyo to Helsinki, Los Angeles, London, Boston, Barcelona, Paris and Amsterdam!

Now Australian audiences will have their chance to catch Lil’ Mo when he makes his first visit to the land downunder to perform at GreazeFest. Lil’ Mo will be joined by The Demons (Dave Cantrell, Snappy Vex, Andrew Lindsay) for what will be an action-packed show!


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