Shaun Young (USA)

Whether he is singing, playing guitar, drumming or cruisin’ around in his hot rod, Shaun Young is a cool cat with talent to match.

Shaun Young is a purveyor of Texas music with sounds as diverse as it’s many influences, rockabilly, rock’n’roll, rhythm’n’blues, hillbilly boogie and honky tonk.

Shaun Young came to prominence in the ground-breaking rockabilly trio, High Noon. Formed in Austin in 1989, High Noon took the rockabilly world by storm with its masterful presentation of authentic rockabilly with no drums, in the same way Elvis, Scotty and Bill first created the sound back at Sun Studios in 1954.
Over the next decade, High Noon put plenty of sweat into their ‘back to the beginning’ sound. The trio proved the power of great songs played by guys with an expert knowledge of rock and roll, hillbilly, and rhythm & blues. Suddenly, rockabilly was new again.

In the post High Noon days, Shaun Young has continued his passion for roots music and has released his highly acclaimed albums ‘Wiggle Walk’ on Goofin Records and most recently ‘Movin’ on Rhythm Bomb Records.

In 2020 Shaun Young will be on his first visit to Australia to perform on Saturday night at GreazeFest. 

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