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GreazeFest Rocks!!!

The GreazeFest is the 'must-do' event for kustom kulture devotees in the Southern Hemisphere.

Held in both Brisbane and Melbourne in Australia, the GreazeFest is two crankin' weekends of cool cars, rockabilly music, fashion and pinups, vintage bikes, lowrider cycles, low brow art, pinstripers, tattoos, markets and heaps more.
Thousands of rockabilly and hot rod fans roll up for these massive weekends of ultra-kool kustom kulture.

2014 saw the 15th anniversary of these rockin' shindigs, and what parties they were. Check below for the latest news and photos from Australia's all-killer no-filler kustom kulture weekenders.

* New * Here's a dazzling selection of sights from the recent GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival held in August 2014 in Brisbane, Australia. Video by mirror films; backing track by The Flattrakkers

Robot Productions, GreazeFest and Kustom Kulture South Australia present:

Los Straitjackets with Big Sandy


Big Sandy & The Oz-Rite Boys Reunion
The Hi-Boys

Friday March 13, 2015

The Zoo
711 Ann St, Fortitude Valley

When it comes to delivering high-energy rock and roll instrumental music, no one equals the finesse and power of USA band Los Straitjackets.

Since first donning their trademark Mexican masks in 1994, the Grammy-nominated quartet has recorded 11 albums, played all over the world, and still continues to inspire audiences to dance and smile while rocking out. Of course we can’t reveal their actual identities, but it has been suggested that the Clark Kent guises of the band has contributed to their unique sound.

Los Straitjackets are joining forces with renowned Californian singer Big Sandy, for a surf and rock spectacular tour across Australia. Big Sandy is a torchbearer for American roots music and as a bandleader and entertainer, he has few contemporaries. As a longtime friend of Los Straitjackets and having previously recorded with them, the singer was a logical choice when Los Straitjackets decided to tour with a guest vocalist.

The result is a dynamic and exciting show with elements of surf, rockabilly, 60s groove, rock and soul, that is sure to leave audiences howling for more.

In addition, Big Sandy will also be reuniting with Brisbane band The Oz-Rite Boys for a once-only performance for the Brisbane date only. The Oz-Rite Boys (Dan Nosovich, Jon Flynn, Coojee Timms) backed Big Sandy during his tours of GreazeFest in 2003 and 2004 and this show will be their first time back together in ten years!

Opening the night will be red-hot rockabilly outfit, The Hi-Boys, hot on the heels of their overseas shows and cd release, so get ready for a wild evening of music!

Tickets $30 plus booking fee: order here

GreazeFest Supports RSPCA

For the past five years, GreazeFest and parent company Robot Productions has been raising funds and making donations to the RSPCA.

RSPCA is a not for profit, non-government charity dedicated to animal welfare which relies on donations for the ongoing care, rehabilitation and protection of animals.

We are proud to continue our ongoing support of this important organisation.

Here is a photos from our donation day in December 2014.

If you want to support the RSPCA, visit their web site here

Photo Galleries [ GreazeFest Brisbane ]      [ GreazeFest Melbourne ]

GreazeFest Brisbane hatches a southern sibling,
say hello to GreazeFest Melbourne!

Rave On by Lori Lee

As part of our 15th anniversary celebration, GreazeFest Brisbane hit the road in 2014 and brought the fun times and kustom action to one of the coolest cities in Australia – Melbourne.

Just five short days after the last hot rod departed from GreazeFest Brisbane, we opened the gates at the inaugural GreazeFest Melbourne and celebrated our kustom scene all over again, in what turned out to be two huge weekends of
all-killer no-filler kustom kulture action!

Media attention for the two GreazeFests was unprecedented this year. Everytime I turned around, I’d spot another tv camera or live-cross van parked in the prime spots around the event. Channel Nine broadcast their weather reports from GreazeFest, The Today Show featured an in-depth segment, The Project showed a roomful of dancers for their national Whip Around, ABC Radio conducted half a day of outdoor broadcasting from the Brisbane, Triple M were talking about us, The Courier Mail splashed a full page colour feature, Virgin’s inflight magazine featured the events, as well as the Melbourne Age and dozens of suburban newspapers. GreazeFest and The ReChords even made the Channel Nine news in Melbourne!

The three days at GreazeFest Brisbane were all excellent.
As the first rockers started rolling in on Friday night, the excitement started and the adrenalin was pumping, the music kicked off and the dancing began. Saturday and Sunday’s hot rod shows were colourful and dazzling. The layout and presentation of the rods was the best we’ve ever produced, thanks to our dedicated team and to all the participants and their rides.

Wayne ‘The Train’ Hancock performed on the Saturday night to a packed Rockhouse, and all eyes and hearts were on the man with the gifted voice and songwriting style that connects with our audience like no other. This was Wayne’s first show since his bike crash, and he was in excellent form, performing for over two hours with no set list, singing requests and enjoying the love and the bond with the audience, who sung along to every song, and the loudest in the crowd who sung off key scored an even bigger grin from Wayne. The two-hour show went by in a flash, as did most of the weekend. Good times always move quickly.

As everyone was heading home and resting up after a huge weekend, the Robot Productions team stayed on the job, packing up all the tangible bits of our festival to hit the road for Melbourne. Producing the GreazeFest in Melbourne, as well as the Wayne Hancock Australian tour, and the Von Hot Rod series of workshops, all happening in the same week, have been the pinnacle of our events team to date.

I’m not going to give you a rundown on everything that happened at GreazeFest. There’s just too much going on to put into words. GreazeFest is a live experience, it’s not a movie or a sporting game you watch, a blog you read, or a tshirt you buy. It can’t be bottled or replayed. If you’ve been to GreazeFest, you know what I’m talking about. This is not a sideline event. The GreazeFest weekends are unique gatherings of people who come out to celebrate kustom kulture, and the people become the festival. You are the GreazeFest.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the weekends, including all the Robot Productions family, the production crews, vendors, artists, bands, pinups, photographers, venues, and especially the rockers and rodders who cruise through this crazy mixed up world with so much grace, charm and freedom. You are all wonderful and inspiring.

Lori Lee
Event Director

GreazeFest Brisbane Photos GO TO BRISBANE GALLERY HERE

GreazeFest Melbourne Photos


GreazeFest Melbourne 2014 – by WildCat

"It’s been a long wait, but at last Lori Lee has brought GreazeFest south to Melbourne. The event was held over two days at Sandown Racecourse just one week after the Brisbane GreazeFest weekend.

All the stalls, food vans and music was undercover to avoid the worst weather Melbourne could throw at us. As it was, the Saturday was balmy, but Sunday turned icy. The music was set up on one stage, central to all the action, change overs between bands was minimal (kudos to the bands and stage crew for making it all look seamless).

There was a huge variety of food vans to choose from, all was reasonably priced. The bar was stocked with all our favourite drinks (Sailor Jerry with ginger beer is delicious!). Stalls were varied and plentiful, with tiki carving, Mimsy’sTattoo Trailer, lowbrow art on display, clothing, private artists, Lindy Charm School and other styling stalls including barbers cutting hair, accessories, music, small designers and much more was all on show and available to purchase.

Von Hot Rod was pin-striping everything he was challenged with. GreazeFest merch was flying off the hooks and out of the boxes. The main action, the bands, kept the dance floor packed. Personal favourites for me were DoubleBlack, A Man Called Stu, The Saucermen, Pat Capocci, Twilight Rhythm Boys, ReChords, Paulie Bignell and of course, Wayne Hancock from the USA.  Such a wide range of music styles was on show, which is the GreazeFest mantra. I can’t forget the Pinups on Parade - such beauties! The girls were all winners, and the favourites scored themselves a few prizes.

Lori Lee and the GreazeFest crew got it right, the venue was perfect and the set up was amazing. The crowd was from all over Australia: Adelaide, Brisbane, a few from Sydney as well as a huge home crowd. It was hard to catch up with all the old pals I ran into properly as there was so much going on and so many folks to talk to. In short I had a blast and I can’t wait for the next one.

Huge thanks to Lori Lee and the Robot crew for lugging GreazeFest down south and putting on a huge show for us all to enjoy.  It’s only gonna get bigger and better each time GreazeFest visits Melbourne. Happy 15th Birthday, GreazeFest!"


A Message from Scotty Baker:

"GreazeFest up in Brisbane has always been one of my favourite festivals in the Australian rockin scene.

With its great mix of traditional 1950s style rockabilly, country and rock'n'roll bands and then the more neo rockabilly / hard rock / phsycobilly, there really is something for everyone's musical tastes! Throw in a couple of awesome international acts each year, plus a huge display of classic and custom cars, and stalls catering for all your custom culture needs, and its bound to be a great weekend to remember!!

Well, I'm pleased to say that Lori Lee and her team have stuck with that winning formula for the last 15 years in Brisbane, and now they've put on an equally brilliant GreazeFest at Sandown Racecourse in Melbourne!!

Injury forced me to cancel my appearance at GreazeFest Brisbane this year, but fortunately I had recovered enough to be part of the inaugural Melbourne GreazeFest, and it gives me much joy to tell you this festival is defiantly bound for many years of success!

The venue is amazing, with a huge capacity for large crowds, and all under cover, even the stalls!! Which is great knowing Melbournes fickle weather!! Greazefest Melbourne is now definitely on my list of 'must do festivals' along side of the Brisbane Greazefest.

To all my Aussie rockin friends, I'd strongly encourage you, no matter where you live in Oz, to make it down south next year to catch Melbourne GreazeFest. I know you'll be glad you did!!"

Scotty Baker -

GreazeFest Hot Rod T-shirt 2014

Did you miss out on a tshirt at GreazeFest? We have the following sizes available in the hot rod design. Price $35 plus $9 postage.


Wayne 'The Train' Hancock - Home With My Baby at GreazeFest Brisbane 2014

The Paladins perform at GreazeFest 2013:

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A.S.R.F. Travel Concession:
The GreazeFest hot rod shows are always approved with an ASRF Travel Concessions.
The Planet Rockers at GreazeFest:

GreazeFest Director Lori Lee Cash talks to Lizzie Stafford at The Sunday Mail. An excerpt...

Looking back on rockabilly in Brisbane in the 1980s:

"You had to be really dedicated if you wanted to be into it and it was really only a handful of people who were into it. Whereas it's so easy to be cool now. Just Google it."

Speaking about the GreazeFest:

"I call GreazeFest 'Christmas for rockabillys'.

GreazeFest provides a backbone in the community... it's like a structure for people to thrive within. It gives them the opportunity to be around like-minded people - to completely be themselves and feel comfortable and safe and also to have that real social aspect."
GreazeFest Director Lori Lee Cash talks to Charley Rico at City News. An excerpt...

As founder of Robot Productions, Cash is the event director of the annual GreazeFest. She is well known in the scene for organising flawless rockabilly shows where the music is centre stage.

"This music has got mass appeal and it really only had a very small lifespan on the charts before it got watered down by the record companies turning it into something even more popular. It's pretty catchy - it's the beat, the slap bass and fabulous guitar riffs."

While the rockabilly movement appears stemmed in the yesteryear, Cash says she doesn't subscribe to living in the past.

"I've always been a supporter of what's current in the rockabilly genre" she says. "I've always wanted to represent what's happening now. There are so many bands out there now playing every weekend of the year that are writing music right now that just happens to be the same music stemmed from the 50s and they're doing it now because it's good music."

Rock'n'Roll Road Trip
- Lori Lee heads back to the U.S.A. for a smorgasbord of music in November 2011, catching up with Jason Lee Wilson and visiting the famous Smokehouse, as featured in the Best of GreazeFest Volume 2. Read the blog here

Saving Cats & Kittens

As part of our annual support of the RSPCA, GreazeFest has sponsored two pre-adoption pens at the new animal shelter recently built in Wacol. GreazeFest is a founding sponsor of the new site.

Festivals and Fun Times

The GreazeFest Team received an expected pat on the back on New Year's Eve.

The Courier Mail's final edition on December 31, 2011 ran a series of 'Spirit of Queensland' photos as visual markers from the past year.

Featured on the double page spread was a photo of Drea Morsby in July getting ready for GreazeFest!

It was the only photo that was about culture or fun, everything else was news or sport! The caption said "Festivals, events and fun times made their mark on the year. Here Brisbane artist and model gets ready for GreazeFest".

Photo Credits

The pinup photograph on the GreazeFest web page and posters was taken by Matt Black Photography at Blacksmith Studios with hair and make up done by Misha Makeup

Many car and band photos are photgraphed by Pete Walker

Other photographers include Bill Struthers, Len Panecki, Outcast Optics, Bec Reid, Grayspar Images, David Gatt and Lori Lee. Photos are credited alongside their images wherever possible.

GreazeFest Kustom Kulture Festival

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Robot Productions Pty Ltd
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